Dark fruits, dark chocolate and flowers

Considered by many to be Portugal’s finest grape, Touriga Nacional is mostly known for port, but has increasingly made a name for itself as a key ingredient in dry reds, too.

The grape has reached status as Portugal’s national grape and is planted throughout the country, most extensively in Northern regions of Dao and Douro.

With strong tannins and a bright acidity, Touriga Nacional makes a great blending partner. This also makes it very eligible for aging, adding complexity to the wines over time. Good examples of this blended artistry are the Maximos Do Tejo Touriga Nacional and S. Jose Douro Tinto Touriga Nacional.

The wines are heavy in structure and aromatic with notes of dark fruits and flowers. Its intensity is also the reason why it often only used in small amounts when used in table wine blends.

Origin  DãoPortugal

BODY: Very Full Bodied
FOOD PAIRING: Beef, Mature and Hard Cheese