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This Bistronomie  (as they self entitle) was a pleasant surprise both times me and my fiancé visited; once for dinner on a Sunday night, and a couple weeks ago on a weekday for lunch. Both times he called in advance to reserve a table, because we like to be on the safe side, although we had no problems to choose where we’d like to sit. 

The restaurant has a casual , contemporary decor and a very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, so whether you’re on a dinner date or a business lunch, you’ll feel like you chose the right place. The staff is very attentive and well trained, and the service is satisfactory. Although the restaurant is in Willebroek (between Antwerp and Brussels) the Flemish side of Belgium, the English speakers will have no problems since they have an English version of the menu and the waiters communicate with a good English level.

When it comes to the food (the most important part) you can find well performed classics or go for the monthly menu that is just as well executed but a little more creative. Last time we went for the the monthly menu and these were my dishes.

Monthly Menu- De Shalk

The food was simple and well prepared and plated with style.The American Beef was perfectly prepared, and really tasty. You can easily notice that they work with quality fresh products, and a skilled chef.

De Schalk definitely offers a comfortable eating out experience and it is a safe choice for good food with the bonus of a friendly staff and a good wine cart.


  • For more information about their prices, working hours and menu, check the website it is constantly updated.




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