Kin Khao – Thai Eatery

My love story with the Thai cuisine started not so long ago, but after trying my first green curry I fell hard for the strong aromatic components that Thai dishes compiles, and the spicy edge that is so characteristic of this cuisine  converted me into a spicy aficionado. 

So ever since I’ve been looking high and low to find a place that mimics the complexity and yet simplicity of the Thai food, and that gives the full experience in the dishes from the texture to the layer of flavours, smell and taste.

So whenever I’d eat at a Thai place it would feel like the food was a shadow of what real Thai cuisine is and what I cooking home was still better than what I was tasting eating out but this story totally changed when I paid a visit to the fairly new Kin Khao – Thai Eatery in Gent.

This new spot that I found out through the Hipste Adresses Van Gent is located in one of the adjacent streets of the Korenmarkt at Donkersteeg 23, and the street almost looks like and alley, a bit hidden with an overlooked charm and Gentse feel.

Kin Khao is established there with a discreet entrance, and as you open the door you get an instant hint of why they named it eatery. The interior has this un-presumptuous feeling, with a modern and clean decor and it and a second floor even more charming.

Their menu if full of options from starters to main, with red chilies next to each dish indicating the level of spiciness.

Thai Green Curry

On my first visit we skipped starters and I went for my beloved Thai Green Curry Chicken – Kaeng Kiew Whan Gai but my husband decided to have some meat to put them to test; Neua Pad Prik (Thai Pepper Steak) was his choice. We had a fast conversation with the friendly waitress about how spicy our dishes would be (since we’ve been let down in the past in other restaurants) and she said that the kitchen could adjust the spiciness according to what the client wants. Finally, we decided to stick to the original spiciness stated on the menu.

Thai Pepper Steak

Our food served not long after and came accompanied of two versions of Jasmine Rice, white and brown. Both our dishes were fantastic. My curry was super aromatic and fresh (it waters my mouth to think of it) with very complex mix of flavours and the curry base was definitely a delight. My husband also loved his dish (but thought that the meat could be a tiny softer).

The most important thing is that both dishes were dramatically spicy! As I was eating a tear streamed down my cheek once or twice haha! Their level of spiciness was a challenge for me and if you are not so used to heavily spicy dishes, make sure to ask them to take it down a notch because at Kin Khao they take their chilies very seriously!

Their drinks menu also offers options to everybody featuring even a Thai beer (got curious about this one) but also wines, cocktails and sodas, but as good wine enthusiasts we are, that day we had a very smartly paired Chilean Carmènėre.

Overall the service was fast and attentive, giving us the constant feeling of cosines and relaxation, so we left Kin Khao with a happy feeling knowing that Gent has finally got a great option of the original Thai cuisine that is not only delicious but also very budget friendly and well worthy of many comebacks.

Make sure to check them out:

Kin Khao – Thai Eatery 

Donkersteeg 23, 9000 Gent

Tel: +32 468 10 59 59




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