Allegro Moderato

Me and my husband found out about Allegro in one of these Saturdays when we were looking for a place to have  lunch and everything was already booked. We had been browsing Trip Advisor and Foursquare and calling places for about 15 min without any success until he saw this restaurant.

After a call, to our estrangement they had a table for us and so we went unsure of what we would find.

Allegro Moderato is located at Korenlei, and apart their inside tables, they also have a terrace facing the always busy Graslei Canal. In our first visit we sat inside, since the tables outside were all taken, and honestly it couldn’t have been a better choice.

The interior of Allegro feels like something out of the 19th century with it’s classic old fashioned tables and chairs, the aged walls and mirrors, imposing chandeliers, lit candles and wooden floors. As soon as you sit down you hear classical music playing and it marries with the ambience and takes you into a new experience.

I’m aware that the historic decor and feel might not be the cup of tea of our generation and for some it’s almost on the verge of being outdated, but for Allegro it is a harmonious identity that ensures you take a trip downs to history lane and also matches perfectly the restaurant location. For those not too eager to experience all of that, their nice terrace is there to skip the nostalgia.

The three times we’ve visited, we chose their menu ( that changes seasonally) and is basically fantastic: a three course meal (starter, main and dessert) with mise en bouche included for only 30 euros!

I’m talking about the price here, because our jaws dropped with the food quality served at Moderato, specially if compared to other restaurants in Gent. Their dishes have a fine dining feel and presentation with impeccably balanced flavours and complexity. Their chef surely knows what he’s doing. The service is equally satisfying and the wine cart has a great selection for very honest prices.

We were astonished to find such place in Gent, and I personally recommend it to everyone; from people who simply like good food or want to get a fine dining feel without being ripped off, or to people that are only looking for a nice lunch on a sunny terrace in summer. Allegro is definitely a flexible restaurant that has undoubtedly great food to offer.

Allegro Moderato Gent

Korenlei 7, 9000 Gent

Tel: +32 09 233 23 32




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