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Two Tapas places in Barcelona you can’t miss

Two Best Tapas Restaurants in Barcelona

If eating top quality food is in your to do list in Barcelona make sure to check out these two places that are definitely elevating the traditional tapas game in the city

Brugarol Barcelona

Brugarol is a small (only 20 seats) but cosy restaurant in one of the narrow historic streets of Barri Gótic that mastered a mixed vibe between old and hipster. It is possible to watch the kitchen/bar action from almost every table which adds a cool touch to the experience (especially for the foodies). Service is warming and attentive (a bit less when it is in it’s full capacity) but their tapas are undoubtedly next level and inventive with some perfected classics like the Patatas Bravas which was the best I’ve ever had so far.With a la carte or a degustation menu they have options that fit any appetite or budget levels. Wine list was to the point with great quality/price bottles to choose from. This was my favorite restaurant during this trip to Barcelona and if you’re looking for fine dining quality tapas Brugarol is an absolute must do. Make sure to book in advance.

Chaka Khan

Here you can get the best of both worlds: hanging out in a cool bar downstairs with trendy atmosphere and music, friendly service and tapas options to nibble on while enjoying your night out OR indulge in some serious take on fusion tapas in their restaurant upstairs that runs in a gastropub vibe with most of the tables by the bar, open kitchen and an equally cool ambiance. I tried one out of their many degustation menus and all dishes were creative and flavourful like the Jeow Mak Kewa a Laos dish made of coal fired Eggplant dip served with wonton chips. Chaka Khan is trendy and without doubt the perfect spot to try around the world tapas all while having a fun night out.

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Fine Dining

Oak – Gent

Oak 290

It might be intentional but nothing about this restaurant gives away in advance that they own a michelin star. The entrance is quite simple and the inside dining area is small (often totally booked) and unpretentious. The laid back staff sets a relaxing mood with a well oriented and friendly service leaving you at ease and ready to concentrate on what really matters: The food.

And what a culinary experience! In my visit, me and my husband had the 6 dishes menu available for lunch and the suggested wine glasses to match each dish since at the moment they didn’t have a wine pairing menu, and the suggested wines couldn’t be more accurate and delightful. The amuse bouches were scrumptious and creative, and the following dishes had a clever and modern combination of flavours, with thought out but also unexpected textures and aromas, always perfectly executed.

To finish the meal we decided to have an Irish Coffee (already a tradition) and it was one of the most perfect Irish coffees I’ve ever had! No sugar added, intense flavour and perfect balance. Can’t leave out the outstanding freshly baked little madeleines that were served with our coffee.

An absolute delightful closure. Oak can’t be missed by those who enjoy fresh ingredients, simple and yet refined flavours in a relaxing and informal setting.


9000, Hoogstraat 167/001, 9000 Gent

Tel: 09 353 90 50





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Allegro Moderato Gent

Allegro Moderato

Me and my husband found out about Allegro in one of these Saturdays when we were looking for a place to have  lunch and everything was already booked. We had been browsing Trip Advisor and Foursquare and calling places for about 15 min without any success until he saw this restaurant.

After a call, to our estrangement they had a table for us and so we went unsure of what we would find.

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Kin Khao – Thai Eatery

Kin Khao – Thai Eatery

My love story with the Thai cuisine started not so long ago, but after trying my first green curry I fell hard for the strong aromatic components that Thai dishes compiles, and the spicy edge that is so characteristic of this cuisine  converted me into a spicy aficionado. 

So ever since I’ve been looking high and low to find a place that mimics the complexity and yet simplicity of the Thai food, and that gives the full experience in the dishes from the texture to the layer of flavours, smell and taste.

So whenever I’d eat at a Thai place it would feel like the food was a shadow of what real Thai cuisine is and what I cooking home was still better than what I was tasting eating out but this story totally changed when I paid a visit to the fairly new Kin Khao – Thai Eatery in Gent.

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Eating out

Brasserie de La Presse

Brasserie de La Presse

Brasserie de La Presse is one of those busy, elegant and modern restaurants in Brussels with business oriented clientele and a menu with plenty to choose from. My husband used to work at Rue Royale so we would often go La Presse together to grab some lunch, since it was one of the best options around.

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Prince : Food Sharing Concept

Prince Food Sharing

Finding a place to eat on a Sunday evening in Gent without having it booked in advance can be a very difficult task (Belgians are usually ahead planners). So not long ago, on a Sunday I was having a beer with my husband at Brouwbar that is also located in the heart of Gent at Oudburg street we decided to give Prince a try since it was just meters away from where we were sitting and had tables available.

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High Up in The Nest

Sunset chaser

It’s been a week or so since I came back from the humid and hot Philippine (is)land(s) and I couldn’t wait to talk about one of the best choices of the trip: The BirdHouse.

The BirdHouse is a self entitled Glamping Experience, and whether or not you are acquainted with the term Glamping, you need to hear this one out cause I’m here to talk about food.

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Manhattn’s Burger Antwerp

Manhattan’s Burger

If you my friend, is a burger aficionado like me, this name is more than familiar. But for those who never heard about Manhattn’s Burger, beware , this post contain spoilers!

As the name gives out Manhattn’s is a premium burger chain that started out in Brussels, but wisely sells burgers inspired in the New York Burger Style. The chain has 3 addresses, 2 in Brussels, and one in Antwerp. I’ve been to all of them but my last visit was to their fairly recent address in Antwerp.

The burger you get from Manhattn’s is born from a fast premium concept, but before the gourmet burger lovers out there start frowning upon the idea, let me tell you why this concept works.

Unlike countless Burger spots in Belgium, Manhattan’s uses the traditional soft and fresh brioche buns, very succulent, tasty and according to their claims Irish, grass fed beef patties that are (very important to say) flame grilled, and the also important Belgian style fries that are often very well made, accompanied to a tasty homemade mayo (because premium burger and fries can’t make it without homemade mayo!)

The burgers are very well performed, and with all these ingredients they become a melting-in-your-mouth kinda burger. Nham!

Last time I visited Manhattn’s I ordered the Gatsby Burger, that only to think of waters my mouth, and once again the burger was truly enjoyable. Its only downside,  if worth mentioning, was that it wasn’t served with wild mushrooms, but instead regular ones. But hey, to be honest I’m not really complaining.


Manhattan's Burger

The place has a modern industrial decor, with lots of tables and a considerable turnover, so you can always find a seat. It is efficiently managed with a fair price and good drinking options ranging from Coke to the Belgian La Chouffe on tap (big fan). They also have desserts and coffee options.

In my opinion Manhattn’s serves very honest and tasty burgers, with a consistent quality, be it in Brussels or Antwerp. Too bad they don’t have an address in Gent (yet).


For more info : www.manhattn’


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Belgian Recipes

Scampi Diabolique

Scampi Diabolique

This recipe is a culinary fast food! Scampi Diabolique is one of the most traditional Belgian dishes and definitely one of my favourite. I’ve had many different versions in the past and it took me some time to figure out my “ideal” recipe, but after trying some variations I finally nailed the ingredients and my Diabolique became a favourite with a Belgian’s approval (thanks hubby).

In my version I try to reproduce the silky creamy sauce  where the ‘scampi’ can have all the attention, so unlike other recipes out there, I skip the bell peppers, carrots, curry and some other ingredients.

This dish is certainly effortless and flexible : you can serve it as an appetizer, or main dish and the side options couldn’t get any simpler: be it french fries (like Belgians do) fresh slices of bread, or rice, you choose! It is definitely a great choice in cold days since it has some spiciness to warm up and a fulfilling tasty sauce.

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