Traditional Brazilian Flan

Sweetened Condensed Milk Flan |

This Brazilian recipe is extremely popular and traditional. You can easily find it in a restaurant or sitting on the table of a Brazilian family after that Sunday lunch. It also happens to be my older brother’s favourite dessert and whenever I’d make it at home, it would quickly disappear!

There are few reasons why it is so popular: it requires only a few simple ingredients, which makes it inexpensive, it’s extremely easy to make (you can mix it all at once in a blender) and finally satisfies that sweet tooth we all have now and then.

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Double Belgian Chocolate Brownie

Double Belgian Chocolate Brownie |

Brownie is probably one of my favourite chocolate desserts! I’ve made this recipe so many times after I found the recipe at Technicolor Kitchen , that at one point in the past I knew it by heart! It is a fail-safe recipe made with cocoa powder and this time I decided to add some chunks of Belgian white and milky chocolates to make it extra decadent! And the good news is that they remain with that crispy , crackly top that everybody wants in a brownie.

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Chocolate Mousse Delight

Chocolate Mousse Delight |

I don’t think I need to go on about how timeless  and classic this dessert is! It suits all occasions be it a PMS crisis, a romantic dinner or a family lunch. We can easily spot a chocolate mousse as the elected dessert. Maybe that’s why we see so many versions of this recipe out there and I have tried myself, many, many of them. And one by one, they failed to reach the greatness and of this simple recipe I came across.

Because in all honesty this is as simple as it can get. So leave all the big recipes list aside and come give this one a try. I’m sure this one won’t let you down.

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